Monday, January 4, 2016

CAPSULE REVIEW: 10,000,000

Capsule Review!

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10,000,000 is a match-3 game with infinite runner and RPG elements - obstacles and enemies must be overcome by matching the right kinds of tiles, and other tiles grant resources that can be used to purchase upgrades between runs. The game's best moments are when everything flows smoothly - you're chaining tile matches, blasting through obstacles, and racking up huge point bonuses. But even when things stop flowing, it's not frustrating - that's your chance to spend those resources and make the next run that much better. Notably, 10,000,000 has an actual ending - rather than trying to hook the player for as long as possible until the gameplay becomes dull and the player drifts off, as other games of this sort often do, 10,000,000 lasts just the right length of time to be satisfying throughout

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