Monday, July 24, 2017

Announcing Pixel Poppers Reviews!

Hey folks!

It's been hard to find time for analytical essays in recent years, but I do write quick reviews of most games I play. Now there's a website where you can see them!

Pixel Poppers Reviews

Right now, it has all the games for which I made Capsule Review videos. I have many more reviews written and will publish one a day until I catch up and then more as I write them. The home page will always show the most recent reviews, and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date. Each review also links to all related content I've created - essays, videos, or even comics with my friend Senpai-chan.

I hope you enjoy it!

Added October 29, 2017: At this point I've gotten through my entire usable backlog and the reviews are taking longer to write, but sticking to a schedule is valuable - so starting November 1, I'm slowing the schedule down to Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I think I can keep up with that for a while.

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